A Guide to Selecting the Best Natural Toner for Your Skin Type

Skincare is of utmost priority to almost everyone! Not just women but also men these days are very conscious about their skin. Have i’m feeling curious you see the amount of skincare range available in the market? That is extensive! But what is the best of all? Now, that is a very tricky question as the choice for this differs from person to person. But a skin toner is one of the must-have skin care products that every individual prefers.

Are you aware of how the toner works? Toner acts as a clarifier or a freshener that soothes and refreshes skin. It controls the oil, moisturizes the face, and, most importantly, closes the pores, thereby disabling the accumulation of dirt and dust in them. But do you know what type of toner to choose? Not all good toners can suit your skin type. This tricky question requires a solution. And this is why we have brought an article that shall help you choose the best toner for your skin type. So, let’s read!

1) Identifying the skin type: The first step to buying any type of skin product is identifying skin type. Are you wondering how this can play a role? Assume that you have dry skin with large pores, and you buy, What do you think could be the result of the application? Dry skin + oily skin toner = excess dryness. Because toners designed for oily skin will work on eliminating the oil residues. If used on dry skin, it will cause damage to the skin and discomfort to you, no matter how amazing the toner is. Thus, determining the type of skin is vital. Don’t know your skin type? Worry not, let us guide you:

Dry Skin: Dry skin has small pores, feels dull and tight, and has a rough complexion. Especially during winter, this type of skin appears flaky and is prone to peeling and cracking.

Oily Skin: Some skins produce excessive oil, which makes the skin look shiny. For instance, if you blot such skin with a tissue, you will see oil on patches on it. This type of skin has large pores, and the chances of pore-clogging and acne are also maximum.

Combination Type: Are you vyvymanga someone who has both oily and normal skin? If that is the case, finding the best face toner will be challenging. How do you know if you have this skin type? Look for a T-zone on your face; if that appears oily and the rest do not – you may be having the combination type.

Sensitive Skin: Do you always have irritation on applying any skin product? It could be a reaction such as a rash, itchy patch, or redness. If this is so, one wrong step and your skin can go for a toss! You have to be a little more vigilant in choosing a good face toner.
2) Match The Toner To Your Skin Type: As said above, not all skin types are the same! Different skin requires different products. But how to figure it out is a huge concern. Don’t worry! We can help. Let’s begin with dry skin. Imagine what dry skin lacks. Moisture, right? And that is what we should plan to provide when we buy a skin toner. A hydrating toner that moisturizes the skin deeply is the correct choice here.

Similarly, you have to think about oily skin. Here, the goal should be to minimize oil production on the skin – especially the face. A refreshing toner is a perfect match for an oily skin type. It is gentle on the skin, and your skin shall not produce excess oil after using it.

Now, what to do if the skin is of the combination type? We recommend you go with two different toners or look for one that can serve both purposes. Biotique skin toners work great for combination skin types. It refreshes the skin on a hot summer day and hydrates it on winter days to provide a soothing effect altogether. No matter how you end up matching, just remember to avoid alcohol-based toners, as they can cause immense damage to your skin. We are sure you certainly wouldn’t want that!

3) Make Sure A Few Things Are Checked Prior: Alcohol, witch hazel, and menthol have tough astringents that can harm any skin type. So now you know what to avoid? Well, that’s not it. It would be best if you looked at all the Motosas ingredients before you buy a toner. For instance, if you want the best toner for glowing skin – look for a toner that has tea tree extracts, rose hip extracts or cucumber ones that not only give you radiance but will also balance your skin’s pH level.

Another thing you need to check is fragrance. We all love the fragrance, and we generally tend to choose a product that has a good smell. But don’t! Fragrances are artificial and harmful. What if you buy toner for oily skin, and it worsens the condition even more with artificial ingredients? That is what you need to avoid.


Now that you know the prerequisites for buying a skin toner, which one are you planning to buy? We suggest you avoid commercial toners, especially the ones loaded with chemicals. A toner that is from a trusted skincare brand like Biotique is always reliable. So, invest in a good toner, as skin should be the top priority for everyone always!
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