Top 5 Clothing Brands to Try this Summer

Sunshine’s here! Time to ditch the winter sweats and trade them for clothes that scream summer. Whether going to the beach with your crew or chilling in the park, your summer wardrobe should be an extension of you.

It should keep you cool, comfy, and stylish. This season, there are tons of hot trends to explore. Ditch the boring basics and check out these clothing brands that will take your summer look from “meh” to “damn, they got style!”

Top 5 Clothing Brands to Try this Summer

Hellstar Records:

Craving a summer wardrobe with a rebellious edge? Hellstar Clothing is your answer. Founded by the Hellstar Seanie, Hellstar combines streetwear and rock n’ roll aesthetics perfectly.

Think awesome graphic tees with iconic artwork and comfy joggers with edgy style. Hellstar breaks the mold. If you want to make a statement and turn heads, this brand is for you.


Vlone is a streetwear royalty brand. Founded by the enigmatic rapper A$AP Rocky and designer Matthew Williams. Real Vlone is all about bold graphics and limited-edition releases that have fashion fans scrambling.

Try Vlone’s vibrant tees and hoodies this summer with their signature flame logo. They also offer comfy mesh shorts and tracksuits perfect for lazy summer days. Be prepared for a potential price shock, but rock it if you score a coveted Vlone piece.


Want a brand that lets your individuality shine? Ksubi Store is your new best friend. This Australian label is all about breaking the mold and celebrating self-expression. They’re famous for their denim with hand-painted designs and ripped and repaired details.

But Ksubi isn’t just about jeans. They offer a range of cool tees, shorts, and accessories that allow you to create a summer look that’s unique to you. Whether you choose a pair of their “shredded” jeans or a graphic tee, Ksubi lets you showcase your style.

Chrome Hearts:

Chrome Hearts is a luxury brand with a rowdy spirit, perfect for those who want a touch of attitude. Founded by Richard Stark, Chrome Hearts is known for its heavy silver embellishments and dark washes in denim.

While not your typical summer wear brand, Chrome Hearts offers lighter options like shorts and sleeveless tees with their signature logo for the warmer months. The brand also boasts a range of sunglasses and jewellery that can elevate any summer outfit. Chrome Hearts is an investment, but the pieces are built to last and will become staples in your wardrobe.

Glo Gang:

For music lovers and streetwear enthusiasts, Glo Gang is more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle. Founded by the late rapper Chief Keef, Glo Gang offers clothing and accessories that capture the spirit of Chicago drill music.

Expect graphic tees featuring Glo Gang iconography and hoodies perfect for summer nights. This brand isn’t about clothing. It’s about belonging to a community. So, if you’re a fan of Chief Keef and the Glo Gang sound, this brand allows you to represent your favourite artists while staying stylish.

In Conclusion:

Fashion is about expressing yourself. Feel free to mix and match brands or throw in some vintage finds. The key is to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. Embrace those summer adventures with your style!

So ditch the ordinary and check out these top brands. With a little creativity, you can find the perfect summer outfit that lets you shine bright all season long!


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